5 Reasons Not To Get A Coach

Let’s say everyone from your neighbor to your aunt to your racquetball partner Billy are talking about their coaches: “You’ve just got to hear the question my coach asked me,” Billy says, “He’s so curious. And just listen to the story I was telling myself, he’s so perceptive. My coach is the greatest. I don’t know what I’d do without him!”

The greatest? You’re glad for Billy but honestly, can Billy please stop talking about his coach?

You’re glad your neighbor has found more of himself, you’re happy your aunt finally has an action plan, but seriously can everyone PLEASE stop talking about their coaches? You don’t need a coach, you’re never going to get a coach, if you ever meet a coach you’re probably going to slug him. Quit it with the coaches.

Here are five reasons not to get a coach.

Your life’s perfect the way it is.
There’s nothing to change about your life. You’re easily on your way to achieving your goals. Your obstacles dissolve into smoke when you approach them. Your future dreams are just a cartwheel away. You understand who you are and with each new day without effort or intention, you’re becoming a better you. Your mindsets are always accurate, your points of view filled with sunshine and truth. You have no reason for a coach, life’s perfect the way it is.

Coaches are just quacks who invent themselves.
Anyone can be a coach these days. With a social media account or coaching blog, anyone can promote himself as a coach. Want to be a coach, shazam, you’re a coach. Sure, there are coaching schools and professional accreditations and membership organizations of hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars and thousands of members, but whatever. Coaching isn’t a real thing. Coaches are just quacks who invent themselves.

You’re too busy for a coach.
Fit another thing into your schedule? There’s no way. You’re already doing so many things you don’t want to do. You’re already tired and worn-out from all your activities. You’re spinning your wheels for …? How could you stop and consider if you should be doing them? How could you stop and think where your life’s headed? Who’s got time for that? You’re too busy for a coach.

Coaches are all about feelings and squishy insides.
Coaches just talk about feelings, right? Isn’t their work all subjective? Sure, in coaching sessions, they talk about perspectives and goals, help you remove obstacles, and create action plans. They ask powerful questions, deliver fresh insights, and track your progress in order to unleash your potential so you can accomplish your dreams. You got it, coaches are all about feelings and squishy insides.

You can’t afford a coach.
Coaching is expensive. There isn’t a line item in your budget for it. Even if you wanted to streamline your life, get some clarity, and gain vital momentum, other things matter more. Even if you have a sense you’re wasting your life, wasting your money on a coach is worse. After all, you’ve learned to live below your aims, why stop now, change is costly. You’d pay extra for something that rusts and rots, but not for the riches a coach can bring. You can’t afford a coach.

There are always reasons not to risk, but are they the ones to follow? Make sure what’s holding you down and back isn’t false or shallow. Live true.

As the founder of Munyay Global Coach Marketplace, Chris believes you can love your life and your work. He's the Vice President of Human Resources for EnergyCAP, Inc., where he helps employees to succeed. He's also an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, a Certified Professional Life Coach, and a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach. He loves to coach people, write, and speak around the topics of engagement, coaching, and strengths. Find a coach, pay a coach, and give a coach at www.Munyay.com.

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